This does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer

Supplier: Merit Garden Products Ltd                 

Tel: 01449 711145


 Company registered in England no.  3998737. VAT no. 751 0142 77

1.       These terms and conditions apply to all goods and services supplied by Merit Garden Products Limited (the supplier)

2.       These conditions do not remove, modify or limit either the customer’s rights or the supplier’s statutory rights relating to defective goods or services.

3.       The customer shall ensure that their requirements are correctly set out in writing on the order form.

4.       The customer is required to examine all goods on collection or delivery by the supplier and in the event of shortages, damaged or defective goods, notify us in writing within seven days. Where defects are not immediately apparent or could not reasonably be seen at the time of collection or delivery, customers should immediately inform us in writing upon discovery.  No goods in respect of which notification may have been made shall be used until we have been given a reasonable opportunity for inspection. In the event of shortages, Merit Garden Products Ltd will endeavour to rectify within 5 working days.

5.       For timber products, the supplier reserves the right to make, without notice, such minor modifications in specification, design, material or finish as is deemed necessary or desirable.

6.       All buildings come with a 6-month warranty on the workmanship. Whilst care is taken in selecting materials, timber is a natural product and is liable to shrinkage, cracking and warping: therefore an unqualified guarantee cannot be given for timber products.  Failure to adequately treat the garden building will invalidate any warranty. Damage to the building due to severe or exceptional weather conditions is not covered by this warranty.

7.       In accordance with standard timber trade practice, sizes and dimensions quoted as nominal.  This takes account of the slight variations in planed and sawn timber and thickness of cladding that may occur.


8.       Unless otherwise stated in writing, the preparation of the base is the responsibility of the customer. The bases must be cleared, level and firm before delivery and the site must be free from overhanging branches and clear of other protrusions and obstructions.

9.       SHEDS At least 225mm MUST be allowed on each side of the building to allow it to be erected.

LOG CABINS at least 300mm MUST be allowed on each side of the building to allow it to be erected.

10.    The customer shall provide safe, clear access to the site & in accordance with our written guidance.

11.    If these conditions are not met and the supplier is unable to erect the shed at the time of delivery, a re-visit charge will be made. 

12.    Merit Garden Products Ltd cannot accept liability in any cases where a garden building has been erected without the necessary planning permission or where building regulation rules have not been followed.

13.    Untreated buildings – It is recommended that the customer treats the building soon after delivery and then periodically to maintain the building in good condition.

14.    Dip-treated buildings – This is a single-dipped base treatment and it is recommended that the customer re-treats the building soon after delivery and then periodically to maintain the building in good condition.


15.    The supplier will notify the customer of the day/date of delivery and will take reasonable steps to ensure that the delivery date is met.  To assist the customer, estimates of the delivery time may be given verbally.  However, no specific time for delivery will be given and the supplier will not be liable for any losses or damages resulting from delaying delivery.  Any delay, which occurs due to events outside the supplier’s control, shall not entitle the customer to cancel any order(s) nor to refuse to accept the delivery.

16.    Payment is required before delivery. Title to the goods shall not pass to the customer until full payment is made.

17.    Merit Garden Products Ltd will take reasonable steps within their normal operating hours, to offer alternative delivery dates, if necessary, to suit the requirements of the customer. If the delivery date is delayed by the customer by more than 1 month, the goods will be at current normal retail prices unless agreed by the supplier at the time of delay. Merit Garden Products Ltd also have the right to charge reasonable storage costs as a result of unreasonable delays.

18.    The order is a legally binding contract.  If an order is subsequently amended by the customer this will be at the discretion of Merit Garden Products Ltd to accept this change.


This applies where orders are accepted for standard goods & buildings only and exclusively made over the phone or through the internet.  Please note that the regulations do not cover non-standard or bespoke buildings or services, nor do they cover where the customer has visited one of Merit Garden Products Ltd sales sites and viewed the supplier’s buildings or goods. 

 19.    Where the Distance Selling Regulations apply, the customer has the statutory right to a 7 working days cooling off period. If during this period or prior to delivery, the customer wishes to cancel the contract it must be in writing to Merit Garden Products Ltd.  The customer will be responsible for returning the goods to the supplier & for any costs involved and must take reasonable care in returning the goods. Merit Garden Products will provide a refund within 30 days of notice of the cancellation. The customer should return the goods within 10 working days of cancellation. If the goods are not returned to Merit Garden Products Ltd & returned in a reasonable condition, it will be considered a breach of the customer’s statutory duty and costs will be claimed by the supplier. Please note that where a garden building is erected by the supplier, it will constitute a service which will affect the customer’s normal cancellation rights.  In agreeing to the supplier erecting the building, the customer’s cancellation rights will end as soon as the erection service starts.


Timber is a natural product and prone to changes in appearance, including some movement and the occurrence of small knot holes or splits in extreme temperatures and weather conditions. Any splits, knots or similar visual imperfections in the timber will not affect the structural integrity of the product in any way. Whilst every effort is made to hand pick timber without visible knotholes or splits there may be occasions where timber is selected in good faith that contains what appears to be a solid knot. Over the course of time / during movement of the product, etc., it may occur that these small knot holes are then dislodged from the timber leaving a small knot or crack. Unfortunately we cannot be held responsible for this maturing of the product and can only offer our best advice as how to deal with this situation in the unlikely event that it should occur. When measuring timber for the purpose of technical information the absolute external dimensions will be taken from a sample piece of each component used – it should be noted that due to the complex nature of the product and machining processes that this figure will give an average measurement that could be subject to slight variance throughout the rest of the individual boards in the pack measured. Whilst every effort will be made to select only components which match the average advertised sizing this is subject to the availability of the timber that has been machined and cannot be guaranteed.

Please note any guarantee offered does not cover the products against timber splits or warping. These are natural characteristics of the products and not defects and neither will these circumstances be accepted as a valid reason for the cancellation of an order, as this can occur naturally over time.